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Nimasoft BVBA
A. Saverijslaan 4
B-9800 Deinze
Telefoon : +32(0)476 839906
BTW : BE 0867.694.692

Desktop Curved Monitor - Ed323qur - 31.5in - 2560 X 1440 (qhd) - Va 16:9 4ms

Desktop Curved Monitor - Ed323qur - 31.5in - 2560 X 1440 (qhd) - Va 16:9 4ms

€341,10  (+0,41)
€412,73  (+0,50)
Referentie: UM.JE3EE.A01
Taal: UK

Uitgebreide beschrijving


Curved to Perfection

Shaping your viewing experience with a curved form factor that delivers the incredible.

Vibrant Images

Crisp, true-to-life colors come alive in Full HD 1080p resolution.

Curved Screen

Sharp 1800R curved screens provide more impressive experiences.


The "R" is the measure of how curved a curve actually is. An 1800R curve, for example, means that if the curve were to make a complete circle, that circle would have a radius of 1,800mm or 1.8m. Essentially, this means the lower the R number, the greater the curve.

Wide Angle Display

Share what's on your screen with friends and family as colors stay true no matter what angle you're viewing from.

Wide Viewing Angle (WVA)

Conventional monitors change their color and have image distortion when viewing from different angles. WVA monitors allow the screen to be viewed from 178į and preserve image clarity and prime colors.

See the Difference

Cutting-edge tech features allow you to immerse yourself in extraordinary visuals.

Stay in the Game

The ED3 ensures you can enjoy all your favorite games with AMD FreeSyncT1 compatibility.

Silky Smooth Visuals

With a rapid refresh rate, the Acer ED3 delivers ultra-smooth viewing with faster frame rendering and lower input lag.

144Hz1 Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate means that your visuals will be seamless and tear-free so that you experience every single frame.

High-Speed Response

Keep pace with the action as the rapid response time reduces ghosting and smearing for clearer, more precise images.

Care for Your Vision

Acer VisionCareT incorporates several technologies to reduce eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing experience.


BlueLightShieldT technology reduces the exposure of blue light, which can be potentially harmful, by adjusting color hue and brightness.


FlickerlessT technology eliminates screen flickering by providing a stable supply of power to the display.